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THREE Kootenay Columbia-made Policy Resolutions made the National Liberal Agenda!!!


Thanks to the hundreds of locals who filled out our Community Survey.


Now it's Your turn to Vote - But you must register by Tuesday, August 25th.

Here's the link:  https://secure.liberal.ca/event/open-policy-process


You must register to vote.


We are these resolutions made their way to the National Liberal Open Policy Process.  Here's a quick summary:


1. Greater Consideration for Local and Regional Citizens in the Columbia River Treaty Negotiation BC's third largest agricultural valley remains underwater while Canadian Lakes are dried up so Americans can maximize power production, minimize urban flooding and irrigate an arid zone for water thirsty, high value crops.  The powerful US water lobby wants to eliminate Canadian entitlement in the Treaty renegotiation.


. Earmark funds from the Treaty to improve provincial services and infrastructure in the Columbia River Basin;


. Consider agricultural ramifications including US sale of water rights;


. Address unfulfilled promises and gaps in the original treaty; and


. Include profits from the Libby Dam as further compensation for using Canada for US water storage.


Click Here to Download this Policy



2. Volunteer Recognition, Incentive and Retention Policy for Vital Canadian Non-profit Volunteer Services

Volunteerism in Canada has been is in decline since the late 1990s.  Rural and small communities are particularly at risk of losing many vital services from recreational and cultural to healthcare and environmental.


. Develop a volunteer recognition incentive and retention policy for the vital services our many non-profits provide;


. Collect statistical data and information on volunteerism in Canada via the long form census to better understand this important facet of Canadianism;


. Implement a Volunteer Tax Credit to help retain existing volunteers and provide incentive for new ones; and


. Recognize that rural and small communities are particularly at risk of losing valuable services due to volunteer burn out, an aging volunteer force, a smaller volunteer pool and urban migration.


Click Here to Download this Policy



3. Civil Enforcement and Stronger Oversight in Canada

Canada has some top notch legislation, regulations and rules to ensure the health and safety of our citizens and environment, but loss of independent oversight has resulted in train derailments, oil spills, food contamination, over-fishing, wildlife and environmental catastrophes, and more.


. Recommit dollars and people to ensuring enforcement of existing consumer and environmental health and safety legislation, regulations and rules;


. Prioritize punishments for violations with stronger punishments for repeat violations;


. Implement a code of conduct for lobbying in Canada with a bias toward consumer and environmental health and safety; and


. Publish lobbying expenditures and activity including interactions with politicians.


Click Here to Download this Policy



All the Policy Resolutions will be listed on https://www.polilib.ca/


A total of 350 resolutions from across Canada are expected to be available for viewing shortly, and we're excited three of our local policies made it.  Voting was to take place from August 26th through the 30th, but this deadline has been delayed as it is taking longer to translate and post the policies.  We will get you details as soon as we know the new dates.


Please circulate this info to as many progressive voters as possible. Many people may not have received or may have missed the email from the LPC inviting them to register.  We are available to help you to register, view the resolutions and vote.  Simply email us back.


Again, Registration concludes on Tuesday, August 25th.


That link again is: https://secure.liberal.ca/event/open-policy-process


Let's vote and build momentum for the Kootenay-Columbia policy resolutions!


Robin Goldsbury

Chair - Kootenay Columbia Federal Libéral Association



Covid-19 Info

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Who We Are

We want to ensure your voice is heard. Inclusive collaboration was a key component of the local Liberal campaign in the last federal election, and we meant it.  Our group of local volunteers is committed to do all we can to ensure our rural and small community policy concerns are heard.


It is the responsibility of riding associations like the Kootenay Columbia Federal Liberal Association to develop policies and bring them to the Party.  In November 2020 the Liberal Party of Canada is meeting in Ottawa to determine the policies and priorities for the governing federal party in our country.  The local Liberals want to send Ottawa a strong, grassroots policy voice from the Kootenay Columbia electoral district, which goes from the Alberta border, Revelstoke down to the US border, and east into the Nelson area.


From the input collected, a regional policy workshop will gather interested individuals from across the Kootenay Columbia, to develop and help determine the top policy priorities to present to the federal party.  Details on the workshop are pending due to the Coronavirus situation.


Policies from across BC will be reviewed by the Liberal Party of Canada at a provincial convention.  The top provincial priorities then go to the national convention where they will be discussed and voted upon.  Ultimately the elected government acts on these policies.  Policy process in most federal parties is heavily influenced and often overwhelmed by large urban centres.  The Kootenay Columbia Federal Liberals want to ensure the rural and small communities from across our large riding have a voice.


The KC-LPC is committed to an inclusive, respectful, democratic and non-partisan approach to ensure the best for our amazing Kootenay Columbia.  This is a non-profit initiative entirely organized by concerned citizens from within the Kootenay Columbia who also happen to be federal Liberal supporters.


For further information contact us by CLICKING HERE




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Columbia River Treaty Policy Statement


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